were to download?

by tom @ 29.12.06 (14:55)

HI i like you site. is lovesow free? what about movement and weapons witch are best? i look to play on 56k network with my 17 brothers, this is possible without network? if so how to set up where to download link? i look for best caractor which one? does game support my G318 FFSpekial Joystick? witch mod are best? i look for tanks best :))

my clan recruts for game 8))))) see us in #team-zissou on the quakenet

pls reply thank tomz-issou


  1. dezej:

    provoking rage like only tom can

  2. ETR:

    yeah, and now PAY UP!
    paypal: ETR@lovesow.net

  3. law:

    zissou r nubs

  4. law:

    why dnt my hearts show?

  5. ETR:


  6. hangy:

    WordPress doesn’t like them because they look like a HTML tag.

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