What the Hell!?

by mikey @ 09.04.07 (2:35)

(03:32:52) (pbx) man
(03:32:54) (pbx) i love
(03:32:57) (pbx) men


  1. law:

    i was there, and tbh, im not surprised.

  2. pbx:

    ure missing the full story…

    (03:32:52) (pbx) man
    (03:32:54) (pbx) i love
    (03:32:57) (pbx) men
    (03:33:04) (thelawenforcer) wtf??
    (03:33:21) (pbx) i love shooting that shit up my nose

  3. mikey:

    [03:32:41] [pbx] man
    [03:32:42] [pbx] i love
    [03:31:14] [pbx] german sausage boy

    omfg.. what a night!

  4. tom:

    lolthis is the funniest thing ive never read

  5. tide:

    and now pbx tell us which man do you love most?

  6. T-B0N3:

    disturbing ……..

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