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by zkyp @ 24.12.06 (14:22)

Seeing everyone is saying this, I think it’s only normal to wish you guys the same. I think it has something to do with Love.

I would like to wish you a merry Christmas!

So to make this post interesting, what are you going to do this Christmas and more important, what are you going to do with New Years eve?


  1. zkyp:

    I’m going to have dinner with my parents and some friends today. I have to work tomorrownight and boxersdaynight aswell :/
    For newyearseve I’m going to have a party with my best friends and some other guys and my friends house \o/ then going continue the party in the local pub and club.

  2. Petrolic:

    14:24.12 ( @zkyp ) repoly, fuckers

  3. marrk:

    Today I’m doing nothing special. Tomorrow dinner with my parents. Boxing day dinner with a shitload of family all the way from .au… oh yes they do!
    NYE is party at my place till about 1 or 2 (you’re all invited!) and after that go to the local place for some NYE festival with loadsa artists.

  4. T-B0N3:

    im gonna try to stay awake… thats already hard enough

    merry xmas though :0

  5. ETR:

    Merry xmas, what marrk said, but NYE in amsterdam with way2many people to fit into my crib. Then bigass techno/dnb till urrly in the morning, aight =)

  6. nym:

    merry xmas y’all!!

  7. law:

    happy sexmas

  8. Timoty:

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