Warsow.NL LAN was GREAT!

by ETR @ 20.06.07 (1:17)

Yes it was, plenty of games, a nice duelcup (gratz scoobz0r), a great afterparty in Amsterdam, where AgamemnonZ taught a random drunk dude bunnyhopping (isn’t the wsw.nl scene the most friendly community ever?).

Anyway, for more coverage, see the following links:

Warsow.net frontpage

Warsow.net forums writeup



Complete Gallery on Lovesow (all the photos taken)

And ofcourse the video I made out of the footage marrk has shot of the drunk guy:

(uneditted video)


  1. lokirulez:

    Class, dude. Was really cool and I think he even started with a dash.

  2. ETR:

    He deffo lost all his speed when he bumped into the ladies he was harassing tho 😛

  3. AgamemnonZ:

    Nice post; good to have all the links related to Warsow.NL LAN grouped together.

    + MOVIE PWNZZ :D, this shit was so hella funny that evening~! I laughed my ass of even more when I saw heard that Marrk filmed it all ^^!!

  4. kalorie:

    superb! after seeing that movie i just decided to learn dutch even harder!

  5. Warsow-Arena:

    Nice Video.

  6. dont_kill_me:

    Lolol …and the worst one is that they jump better that I in the warsow! 🙁 lol

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