warsowian art

by T-B0N3 @ 28.12.06 (14:37)

i was in a very creative mood. so instead of violently shooting etr down i watched the beauty of warsow. behold warsowians here is warsowian art.

warsowion art


  1. marrk:

    great! 😀

  2. ETR:

    (15:23:09) (@ETR) it makes me reflect on war, the constant battle between good and evil, between right and wrong, between offense and defense

    And GJ for being the first poster to understand the categories T-BON3 ^^

  3. micros:

    nice 😀

  4. Bas1c:

    lol nice 🙂

  5. LavaBall:

    Wow nice 🙂

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