Warsow Radio on Lovesow

by ETR @ 17.08.07 (14:08)

Yeah that’s right! After spotting last.fm‘s funky widgets, I decided to put up the last.fm’s Warsow Group‘s radio on Lovesow, for your streaming pleasure! It’s hard to miss, on the righthand side of this post. Ofcourse, like yourself, I am disgusted by the lack of french hiphop, minimal techno, jazzy hiphop and cool electronical music. Anyway, it made sense to me to put up the community’s radio station on a community blog 8). But please, go ahead and make an account on last.fm, join the Warsow group, and do your best to push out some of that horrible emocore, metal and punkrock! Aiaiaiaiaiaa §§§§


  1. KuhJoe:

    ive been singing christmas songs lately. maybe that can help me getting some others songs in my head 🙂

  2. lokirulez:


  3. a1ex:

    I am disgusted by the lack of DJ Format in your playlist. It would certainly fit nicely.

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