War§ow Meeting 2k6

by ETR @ 10.12.06 (15:39)

It already feels like ages ago (might be because of the season too :P), but last summer we had a mini-warsow weekend meeting with teammembers SoLomoNK, Mokshu and ETR attending. The meeting was at SoLomoNK’s place in the mountains of the south of France, and after meeting up with Mokshu in Paris (somewhere around 6h in the morning after a non-stop night of PES5 with my cousin) we actually made it in a reasonable amount of time to slk’s place. After driving down scary mountainpaths with a big ass renaul scenic we found the house with the § logo, and realized we actually reached the source of everything warsow.
Anyway, let the pictures (thanks to slk) speak for themselves, we had a great weekend of petanque, swimming, and alot of geek warsow-related talk :), thats what lovesow is all about. Till next year!

SolomoNK on top of da ladder

Ride to the River




Pétanque Speccers

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