Warsow main-game on Dutch LAN + $$$

by AgamemnonZ @ 01.04.07 (14:37)

Warsow is gonna be the main-game on the famous Dutch AFJ-LAN and there will be cash prizes!!:

1st place: $5000

2nd place: $3000

3rd place: $1000

The exact date of AFJ-LAN is not available yet but they are planning it for July 2007.

They will also be a fun-event on AFJ-LAN consisting of a life-size trick chamber with all sorts of obstacles and ramps. The sickest 1-minute run will be awarded with a top-notch Alienware PC.

You can bring along attributes to help you in your run:

Jump Attribute


  1. hangy:

    I heard the official date is today, 2007-04-01. 8)

  2. law:

    mean, very mean :S

  3. marrk:

    1 april, kikker in je bil, die er nooit meer uit wil!

  4. ETR:

    I heard they changed the dutch currency to dollars ;D

  5. Scoobz0r:

    ill be there

  6. solomonk:

    vfunny pic, nice joke, happy April fool dudes =)

  7. AlexMax:

    I hate april fools day. =)

  8. zkyp:


  9. Solidius:

    M’n blijdschap, wat doe je :'(

  10. nealz:

    Next year i’ll announce one with 1mil-dollar-prices.

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