Warsow Lover Userbar Signature Image

by MysTikal @ 24.12.06 (20:42)

Just snapped it up quick in a userbar creator application:

Warsow Lovevr Userbar

Maybe there should be a different picture? :p

HF with it.


  1. T-B0N3:

    to bad warsow.net forums dont take img tags..

    looks nice though.

  2. micros:

    “to bad warsow.net forums dont take img tags..”

  3. alba:

    I’m waiting for the wsw forums to take img tags, i got my leet sig ready :

  4. Petrolic:

    looks sexieh !

  5. >saTis.:

    i m a warsow lover

  6. ETR:

    So am I, but warsow.net forums doesn’t accept img sigs, won’t accept img sigs, so please don’t use it there :P.
    Looks nice tho, gj myst.

  7. [FDG]NUTS!:

    I’m using it in my sig in my UT clans forums 😀

  8. Petrolic:

    i want alba to do my special pwnage userbrizzle ! alba i

  9. Petrolic:

    i love you since ag ² for hl ². Was it ever released 😮 ?

  10. T-B0N3:



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