Warsow LAN history

by h1o @ 31.08.09 (18:36)

After the Dash4Cash LAN in Paris, France. I thought it would be nice to see a little bit of Warsow history. Warsow’s LAN history. If there is a LAN not showing in the list please notify me, I want to have a list of attending players, link to website and if possible a gallery. It also does not matter if it was just a fun meeting (Warsow.NL LAN) or a more serious LAN (CDC3), just as long as there has been a duel tournament.

1. The LAN’s name
2. Attending People
3. Final Standing
4. Media
5. Lan Party ÅšlÄ…sk 2
6. Warsow.NL LAN
7. CDC3 (Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3)
8. CDC4 (Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4)
9. Warcho.net meeting
10. Dash4Cash

5.1 Lan Party ÅšlÄ…sk 2
5.2 Attending People
Jon4thaN,vicek, b4rt, much4, v3rb, er0n, um8,Crb,marlboro, ar1el, maQ, JC and some other people.
5.3 Final Standings
1. Jon4thaN (Creative X-Fi card)
2. b4rt (money)
3. vicek
5.4 Media

6.1 Warsow.NL LAN
6.2 Attending People
Scoobzor, h1o, ETR, marrk, proud, bakbees, oLLipop, zkyp, AgamemnonZ, T-B0N3, Jannis, Silky, Cervix, Sigmar, dezje, Bengi and lokirulez.
6.3 Final Standings
1. Scoobz0r
2. h1o
3. AgamemnonZ
6.4 Media
Warsow.NL LAN gallery (esreality)

7.1 CDC3 (Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3)
7.2 Attending People
Scoobz0r, h1o, ETR, marrk, Rikku, Jannis, Xhep, JazZ, blaze, hangy, lokirulez, BoBel, zerox, KoFFie, nip, Trib, Panzerfaust,  BRUNS, Tenzer and komodochas.
7.3 Final Standings
1. BoBel (600 Euro)
2. h1o (400 Euro)
3. BRUNS (200 Euro)
4. komodochas
7.4 Media
The micropage has everything on it that happend at CDC3 and more galleries.
CDC3 gallery (esreality)
CDC3: Micropage (warsownews)
CDC3: Warsow invites announced (warsownews)

CDC3: 16 players fighting for 1200 bucks (warsownews)
CDC3: What the players have to say (warsownews)

8.1 CDC4 (Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4)
8.2 Attending People
Scoobz0r, h1o, ETR,marrk,Rikku,zkyp, Jannis and pillz.
8.3 Final Standings
1. Scoobz0r (200 Euro)
2. h1o (100 Euro)
3. Jannis (40 Euro)
4. pillz
8.4 Media
CDC4 the ETR report (lovesow)
marrk’s gallery (marrk)

9.1 Warcho.net meeting
9.2 Attending People
Ahrzou,zoka,BlancheNeige,Rigolus,Gero, Pierre, Soda, Dark,Apo, mRk and Zyfo.
9.3 Final Standings
1. Ahrzou
2. zoka
3. BlancheNeige
4. Rigolus
9.4 Media
The topic on warsow.net shows the results of all played games.
Warsow.net Warcho meeting (warsow)
Warcho.net meeting gallery (squareoranges)

10.1 Dash4Cash
10.2 Attending People
Klice, Rigolus, mRk, BlancheNeige, Pierre, Sady, ahrzou, TazVoice, zoka, GoHLink, Jerms, cougne, tracks, reload, FrooP,sic_munky, KILLME,loxer, Scoobz0r, h1o, Falconer,GoReY,daxio, mRk and Quilyan.
10.3 Final Standings
1. reload (100 Euro and a gaming mouse)
2. GoHLinK (60 Euro and a mousemat)
3. h1o (40 Euro and a mousemat)
4. sic_mUnky
10.4 Media
Everything about the games played at D4C is in my other lovesow post check it out!
h1o’s Dash4Cash coverage (lovesow)
h1o’s gallery (picasa)
Sady’s gallery (picasa)
FrooP’s gallery (some strange website)


  1. vicek:

    1. Lan Party Ã…Å¡lÄ…sk 2 (Gliwice, Poland) – BYOC – October 2006 (first LAN?:P)
    2. Attending people:
    Jon4thaN, vicek, b4rt, much4, v3rb, er0n, um8, Crb, marlboro, ar1el, maQ, JC + some other people I don’t remember, something between 16 and 20 players overall (tbh I wrote some very long article about it but hosting server got fucked ;[)
    3. Final standings:
    1. Jon4thaN (Creative X-Fi card)
    2. b4rt (sum money)
    3. vicek (-||-)

  2. Guwashi:

    1 CyAC e-Sports Japan Cup 2009 #1

    2 Appending People
    nasazigoku, AkimBo, bluespear, Hassaway and more ppl 😛

    3 Final Standings
    1. nasazigoku
    2. AkimBo
    3. bluespear
    4. Hassaway

    4 Media
    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/3469999  (around 5:00, commendation ceremony)

  3. Guwashi:

    forgot one on “4 media” 🙂

  4. Guwashi:

    ahh found typo XD  s/Appending/Attending/
    plz edit first post and delete my last 2 post 🙂

  5. ETR:

    /me slaps h1o

    add Warsow.nl LAN/Media:
    Warsow.net Newspost http://www.warsow.net/?page=news&id=122

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