Warsow EuroCup XV Shoutcasts & Stream

by V-DecK @ 29.05.07 (10:25)

A_Spec from QuadV will be shoutcasting (non-stream) two matches of the first round playoffs Clanbase EC 1v1. Those matches will be:

vinski vs. law
BoBel vs. LockdoG
which are played Tue 29 May 20:00 CET and Sun 03 Jun 22:00 CET respectively will have shoutcast on the following links:

Window Media Player
Real Player

Also n4bik from Headshot Media will have a live shoutcast and stream Saturdays Match between V!ct!M and Scoob.
Here is a link for the match and stream info: http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php … p;lid=3021


  1. ETR:

    Awesome, gogog A_Spec \o/
    (I’ll have to miss tonights cast, but will tune in for sundays! 🙂 ).

  2. marrk:


  3. marrk:

    no fipo 🙁

  4. marrk:

    you can’t fipo on your own po! that’s cruel!

  5. V-DecK:

    marrk, its for the good of the community 😛

  6. marrk:

    it is ye!

  7. Warsow:

    Awesome shoutcast … more! 😉

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