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by lokirulez @ 19.12.06 (12:41)

I’m thinking about a player base on warsownews.net giving players the chance to make a short post like:
– country (region)
– dueller, tdm, racer, trickjumper, tdm and/or ctf
– searching team
– searching trainings, league wars
– playing since zomg

– played before
– how much playing
– available on which weekdays and times (timezones)

– skill level meter like low, medium, high

– got server

– irc channel

Players who are registered on warsownews.net could make a post and search for other players. No personal data has to be given away because it’s all about War§ow identity and not your real identity.

What do you think about it? Would you be interested in finding opponents that way or do you stick to irc and league pages for challenging?


  1. ETR:

    I think it’s a nice idea. It will give a nice overview, but the potential problem will be the dynamicness of it, if you want it to work out on arranging games and stuff like that; IRC will always be a better alternative, no matter what. I think the purpose will be good to give a global overview of who’s who and who’s highskilled and lowskilled etc, also to see the nationalities and stuff like that, it could be nice, make a bigass playerlist which you can sort by skill, country, whatever =).

  2. jo:

    might be usefull to search players for clans , or even create teams through it, also could give us a idea of how many ppl is playing wsw atm =) go for it !

  3. law:

    joo, it will show us who the more involved IRC dwelling warsowers are, not how many are playing…

  4. T-B0N3:

    im totally willing to sign up for this 🙂 i just hope it will work out. the basic idea is nice though

  5. jo:

    ill rephase it ; could give us a idea of how many ppl is playing wsw competitively atm

  6. r0q:

    uhm yeah would be cool if all war§ow gamer weren’t guys / or if i was gay 😛 (ok bad joke) but its an ok idea.. just bring it on and we will see where it takes us.. especially us loki

  7. piggeh:

    definatly a nice idea – as etr said about irc, although if there was some nice integration between then 2. So finding games via website or irc, both containing the same data – so anyone not using irc isn’t going to have a problem.

    But also stated a who’s who – i like that more, maybe also each players fav servers so you know where to find them, compare yourself to the guys at the top.

  8. alba:

    LFG AWESOME TEAM COZ IM PRO. (duel & tdm)


  9. SNP:

    I think it will be a great idea to have a playerbase/clanbase. But imo it won’t surpass IRC in finding practise sessions for the simple reason that IRC is “live” meaning that youd on’t have to wait too long for an answer.

    You just spamm a scrim and wait for an (imminent usually, at least in other gaming communities 😛 ) answer whereas in a website opponent-seeking system, you could post the “ad” and who knows when someone will actually notice it.

    I could be wrong of course. But It would be kewl to have a player base. Maybe include info on the players that have reached top3 on any wsw cup (like a bonus publicity “prize for the winners) and all the important players that have contributed to the game, like etr, loki and the dev team of course :>

    Links to interviews could also be added for the players imo ^^:>

  10. law:

    i think u misunderstand snp, its not meant to be a match making system, just a database of players, so u play this guy uve never seen, u look him up on the database and there he is, maybe u see hes not very active or plays a different game mainly.

  11. SNP:

    oh kewl then :>
    Sounds excellent 😀

  12. tide:

    its not difficult to create such a small php&mysql script … tell me which fields you need and maybe i’ll do something. it should be open to everyone to add himself? or only admins?

  13. SNP:

    Tide maybe we should wait, open a thread @ the forum and maybe build a team to make a site like this. Maybe even break the boundaries of wsw and make it for everygame (players should update the games they player)

    Sth like a huge player base for everygame. Where you can lookup a player you just played in a pub game, but in any gae. Maybe even add the possibility for someone to upload his cfg or sth like that.

    This could turn out to be huge 🙂
    Gamer’s White pages or sth like that :p

  14. tide:

    nah i wouldnt add other games than wsw and cfgs too.
    only warsow :>>

  15. community-fool:

    sounds really sweet.

    possibilites of linking it up into any future [proposed..] game-account system. it’d be nice to have cfgs available. could also integrate server browsers like ST8’s and Willis’s. it’d be like a one-stop-community-shop.

    hell, why not give everyone who is registered their own blogspace. lovesow v3.0.

  16. lokirulez:

    I work on it and it will be bound to warsownews.net account for now. Don’t see the point in letting all users register once again on a new site. Furthermore, gameaccounts are far away and I don’t think marrk of warsow.net will allow mixups with warsow.net forum and wiki user base (for good reasons).

    The player base will be kinda static in the beginning, more like a playersheet and config and foto upload options. It is not meant to be “the place for dating” more the “place to find infos about people i could date in irc or challenge for league games”.

  17. SNP:

    sounds exciting loki :>

  18. PiLLE:

    playerdatabase (with photos) would be nice

  19. ETR:

    WELL??? LOKI???

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