Warsow and the AGP Tour

by ETR @ 25.05.08 (16:13)

In an attempt to push some of the activity on Lovesow, and using it for what it’s intended (:P), let’s discuss the latest big news in Warsow land: The announcement of the Association of Gaming Professionals (AGP) Tour!

AGP Tour - Coming soon

Now in short; the AGP Tour is intended to ‘revive’ the deathmatch scene, specifically the 1v1/duel scene. The concept is trying to treat the duel fps games as real sports as much as possible (the comparison between FPS and Tennis has been brought up multiple times). This means an emphasis on (individual) players, extensive coverage on-site (meaning ‘produced’ shoutcasted video streams over ‘open’ coverage like demos and gtv), and even altering the game to support the understandability (word is Quake maps get a visual makeover to give a sporty feel and a consistent, recognizable style).

Deathmatch to the masses

We all know 1v1 dm games are fun, but getting that knowledge across has been proven very hard. Trying to explain the game’s functioning to your parents, girlfriend, real life no nerd buddies is the closest you’ll get to realizing what’s important and how to explain. Previous attempts in bringing ‘our game’ to the masses have proven painful and hilarious at the same time (let’s hope best-buy isn’t involved with AGP 😉 ). See the YouTube video why:

The ideas of the AGP Tour are very comparable to Warsow’s ideas; in the end we too try to make DM gaming accessible, fun, understandable and show it’s competitive potential. That’s why I feel Warsow fits in perfectly.

The point of much discussion is the fact of having multiple games in the same competition. On one hand you might say how much difference there is between the games; weapons, movement, visual style, etc. But in the end the game mechanics are exactly the same over every game – resource control and good aim count in any game. For the players it’s a huge difference, but for the people you try to explain the game to, it’ll be very much alike.

Warsow in AGP Tour

On to Warsow’s specific case: First of all, when checking the list, note that Warsow is sitting in between Quake 3, Quake 4, and UT3! Our little free-time project, our ideals about FPS gaming, our low-tech cartoon shooter is sitting in between huge-budget giants! Top-down games along with our bottom-up Warsow!
In the end, whatever happens to the AGP Tour, it’s always good to get some exposure, and AGP is helping us with that. It’s their effort and their cause which benefits Warsow as well. Sounds cheap, but any press-release mentioning Warsow is a nice freebie.
Next to that, the interest from top gamers will benefit Warsow. Even if they are ‘forced’ to play Warsow for the competition, it will raise awareness, and the competition level hopefully!

There is nothing to lose, with having Warsow in this competition.

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