Today (1/05)…

by Icaros @ 30.04.07 (23:33)

is probably my last day with inet! I am going to change this shitty isp and have another adsl line installed . If i am lucky i will stay off line for about a week! If not ( in Greece there is no such thing as luck when it comes to adsl) i will stay much more! So i am sad cause FC will be out this week ( i know sounds like a joke but its true) and 0.3 soon! You all gonna play 0.3 and learn new maps + new things and when i get back i will play like a nub and get owned!!! Another thing that worries me is the ping with my new connection! Again if i am lucky not to be in an overbooked dslam it is going to be 70ms in .de servers!!!!

GOD (a.k.a SNP) PLZ dont let my new connection sux and plz i want to have inet soon! Before last group match/playoff in tdm oc starts! 🙁

ps: i am going to watch fc-final_beta.xvid-LQ(350kbps) 🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄


  1. triple:

    whats fc :p

  2. beastrn:

    yeah yeah! more teasing! 😡

  3. zkyp:

    When I changed ISP, my other ISP worked for months after :E didn’t pay for it though. |D

    Triple; First Contact, SNP’s movie everyone is waiting for, it is going to rock (they say)

    snp = lazy cunt btw.

  4. komodododod:

    yes. i checked the forums 24/7 over the last week (no kidding – been stuck in front of my computer working on my dissertation) for FC. you sonofabitch, snp! 👿

    take it easy ic, hope to see you back soon 😛

  5. ETR:


  6. triple:

    WHAT IS FC 😯

  7. lokirulez:

    triple is somewhat ignorant, it’s unbelievable

    come back soon icaros and we can jam together. I will be away for 10 days by Thursday. :[

  8. Koekie:

    I’m praying for you

  9. law:

    my PSU, Motherboard and HDD blew up last monday

  10. Cervix:

    i really don’t get why shit like that would happen… how does that happen?
    never happened to me tbh 🙄

  11. Bas1c:


  12. xniffing:

    😆 double waiting!!!

  13. Icaros:

    I AM STEEL HERE! the problem is…if they dodnt cut off my adsl i cant get the new one! The phone line needs to be clean!

  14. Icaros:

    well its still not steel 😛
    ( althought i am made of steel! omg!)

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