The Curse of Trailer

by raelz @ 23.05.07 (20:55)

Don’t you know Trailer?
from raelzpedia:

“Trailer is evil god which descends on earth every 1000 thousand years. The scientists forecast his arrival to the year 2011, but they were probably mistaken.”

Lets look at the reason:

Part one – fantasy and his Warsownage
Do you remember warsownage? Maybe you do, it was a really very nice lookin fragmovie. And when fantasy released the trailer, everybody just couldn’t catch breath – it was so amazing, a lot better than any other fragmovie seen before (well, nealz’s promotional was good, but it was abit old). Everything was fine, fantasy was posting alot and doing nicely. Then, few days after his last post, he disappeared from wsw community. Although he can be found somewhere, he can’t talk about the movie coz Trailer made him not to do so (at least it looks like that you know :P)

Part two – impulZ and impulZive movie – airgeiz
You probably won’t remember this one. It wasn’t as popular, due to trailer (which was actually first thing released about the movie) with low fps. Although the music was nice, ppl were not as excited (ofc they WERE, but not AS MUCH). But they still sent demos.
But what happened then? You might know, you might just think and find answer yourself:
Movie was not finished
Why? impulZ said he is lazy or something like that. The truth is that he was put to silence by The Trailer

Part three – DebrisShot – A Dash Of Spice
“UNBELIEVEABLE SPEED” and “OUTRAGEOUS FRAGS”! Do you remember? Now, ofc you don’t, you have too much of 0.3 in your mind. This was trailer by DebrisShot. I must say I did not like it, sorry Debris, but anyway, many ppl did. The problem is I don’t really remember what happened to this movie, but the truth is already known. I do know it, you do aswell, right?

Part threeandahalf – absolutelyunknown movie onoez
I dno whats that, I found it somewhere on net, wasn’t a amazing one, wasn’t a known one (its not even on forum!), but it was trailer with no full movie…

Part four – First Contact
What should I tell you… in fact, this is the reason why i wrote the truth. I can only tell you my personal feelings – at first, I was amazed by the trailer. I knew it will be the movie that will make everybody at least try warsow and it will forever stay in my memory (maybe even as the first of my TOP10 from warsow). Few minutes later, I raelized – IT IS TRAILER, YOU DUMBASS.
I was skeptic, you know i was. But as the time went, i found that snp will do everything to get it released. So I waited… and waited
Everybody was nervous, no FC, right? Where is FC, I WANT FC. And then the forum post came. I am sad and I am not willing to speak about it… you can read it yourself.

Part five – the future a.k.a zEvon
zEvon (:-*)
We all know him, we all like him (RIGHT?). Most of his movies are very good and they are the best you can see in warsow. The truth is, that as I know zEvon (ok, its the internet, i CANT know anybody via internet, but still..) it makes me sure that the movie will come.
In fact he will completely destroy the nonexistence evil god of Trailer and finally bring us to the light side of the warcho0o

Gl zEvon, euphoria will surely rox, there is nothing to stop you, other than your own death :/


  1. 36:

    πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†

  2. kolio:

    haha nice read

  3. Koekie:

    SNP broke the curse :>

  4. raelz:

    no, i wrote this msg, Trailer got scared of me and released fc
    dont you get it!

  5. devi0us:

    “Gl zEvon, euphoria will surely rox, there is nothing to stop you, other than your own death :/”

    Haha holy fuck, how brutally honest. πŸ˜‰

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