Team Zissou bootcamp

by zkyp @ 11.04.07 (5:50)

Always wanted to be as good at moving as ETR? Always wanted to have style like tom? Have lame EB aim like zkyp? The secret behind all of our so called “skillz” can be found here


  1. h1o:

    thats how i became so skillat:(

  2. Icaros:

    now that we are back active i will put gr8 doing that stuff every day! AND OC IS OURSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!11111111111111oneoneoene

  3. stbz:

    So very gay.

  4. h1o:

    stbz you think this is gay :(? spot the dezje

  5. Brahl:

    tom’s hot in that vid.

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