snp is chasing his dreams!

by Icaros @ 16.04.07 (0:12)

zkipofzsu: so snP.
zkipofzsu: WHEN
gr8|snoopy: omg
zkipofzsu: ??????????????????????????????????????
gr8|snoopy: next week ?:p
zkipofzsu: 😐
zkipofzsu: dont play me like a hoer
zkipofzsu: i want to know when the greatest movie of alltimes is done!
gr8|snoopy: ah so you’re talking about my amateur porn movie
zkipofzsu: no no, i’ve seen them
zkipofzsu: they suck :/
zkipofzsu: suck as much as frn
zkipofzsu : 😐
gr8|snoopy: it should be out as soon as i find some decent chick to co-star
gr8|snoopy: :O
* zkipofzsu is now known as krazygirl1989
krazygirl1989: hi πŸ™‚
gr8|snoopy: interested to be a hollywood actress babe ?
krazygirl1989: Oh… Yeah!! πŸ™‚
gr8|snoopy: =P
krazygirl1989: When do I start, baby?
gr8|snoopy: well right away, just frop tha beautifull tank top and bend over
gr8|snoopy: :PP
gr8|frn: gr8|lweebo
gr8|snoopy: anyways im dead tired
gr8|snoopy: off to my sweet bed
gr8|snoopy: nn dudes
krazygirl1989: no sleep
krazygirl1989: fucking
krazygirl1989: FINISH THAT MOVIE
krazygirl1989: CUNT
* krazygirl1989 is now known as zkypofzsu


  1. h1o:

    yes finish movie plx

  2. komodododod:

    egd! :mrgreen:

  3. zkyp:

    this krazygirl-guy makes a lot of sense!

  4. T-B0N3:

    go finnish the friggin movie snp 😈 ❗ ❗

  5. kalorie:

    where get pics of krazygirl1989 KEKEKE 😐

  6. SNP:

    My next movie will be named….


  7. KuhJoe:

    anybody forgot the “parental advisory” warnings? mwhaha

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