sepht knows

by ETR @ 07.09.07 (4:43)

(05:39:36) (sepht) ETRafk: I think you’re my fav .nl-er
(05:39:40) (+ETRafk) omg
(05:39:43) (+ETRafk) what great honour
(05:39:45) (+ETRafk) let me celebrate
(05:39:51) (sepht) ETRafk: you beat zkyp!
(05:39:52) (+ETRafk) with excessive alcohol
(05:39:55) (+ETRafk) omg no
(05:39:56) (Nevermind`) haha
(05:39:59) (+ETRafk) i will quote you on this one
(05:40:02) (+ETRafk) zkyp will cry
(05:40:03) (+ETRafk) CRY
(05:40:05) (+ETRafk) CRY HARD
(05:40:06) (sepht) I knows
(05:40:07) (+ETRafk) ALL NIGHT LOOONG
(05:40:11) (Nevermind`) etr is good?
(05:40:12) (sepht) get him his chicken suit
(05:40:15) (sepht) it’ll make him feel better
(05:40:16) (Nevermind`) news to me.
(05:40:17) (Nevermind`) ;/


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  1. zkyp:

    fucking finally

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