by raelz @ 05.05.07 (23:25)

Imagine a gorilla with a tv on its head. Imagine that the gorilla is trying to destroy all humans. Sounds scary, doesn’t it!
Without further info – Check this out.
Best movie evar, I swear

To spoil u more =)
(00:18:45) (@raelz)
(00:18:51) (@raelz)
(00:18:58) (@V-DecK) lol
(00:19:11) (@raelz) its a MUST HAVE MOVIE
(00:19:11) (@raelz) 😀
(00:19:53) (|17|Patrol|) AHAAHAHAHAHAHAH
(00:19:56) (|17|Patrol|) THE SAMPLE PROVES IT! 😀
(00:19:57) (|17|Patrol|) omg
(00:19:59) (|17|Patrol|) the music
(00:20:03) (|17|Patrol|) THE MUSIC!!! 😀

If you’re interested, pm me on irc ill give you rapidshare links to the movie 😀


  1. zkyp:

    I think I speak for all when I say; Shut up.

  2. zkyp:


  3. Cervix:

    vsay: shut up

    “oh shut up!”

  4. ETR:

    seriously… Oo

  5. KuhJoe:


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