Raceathon Episode 1 – The K0li0 Menace

by ETR @ 08.02.07 (0:16)

SNP (the man behind the long awaited First Contact fragmovie) recently wasted precious editting time on this latest project (hah I’m actually kidding about the wasting! :P), a movie showcasing the recently held Raceathon race competition.

It’s well worth a watch, so click below, or download the movie (x264 codec, 140mb size), if you want to enjoy it in as-good-as-it-gets-quality (hey, no hate to Fragbucket here!). Also check out the ESReality Thread.

K0Li0 is the big star of the movie, after winning the contest and earning his lead role in SNP’s movie. Hooray to him, hooray to SNP, hooray to Raceathon, and roll on, Raceathon2! Now before you’re off to watch it, let’s hear some quotes from the people involved:

(23:58:39) (UKESN`on|K0L) <3
(23:58:44) (UKESN`on|K0L) fanboys everywhere

(00:07:50) (GreenBastard) hope ur frag one is as good 🙂
(00:07:57) (SNP) better
(00:08:01) (GreenBastard) 0/
(00:08:01) (SNP) much better imo

That’s it, you heard it! Now off you go, watch that son-of-a!

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