Race skills

by raelz @ 29.12.06 (2:15)

Since this is a non-serious community blog, im going to write non serious post §-)

Noob has to use walljumps in order to jump across the strafe pads

Normal player can jump withou using the walljumps, just by strafing

Highskillzor can combine walljumps and strafing, but he sometimes looks like a noob.

Conclusion:Dont hate yourself that you’re not highskilled §-)

Tip:Do not take this serious 😛 (both warsow and this post)


  1. zkyp:

    I can’t race for shit, I use walljumps and stuff in race maps or I can’t complete the map 🙁
    Still, I bet I can beat any of those ‘highskillorz’ in a game 😉

  2. law:

    u couldnt shit, even if u wanted to zkyp

  3. law:

    i suk at race, but i pwn zkyp

  4. zkyp:

    you couldn’t even own lockdog!

  5. ETR:

    I don’t get this post ^^

  6. raelz:

    so just dont take it too serious 😀

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