Promoting Warsow

by raelz @ 18.03.07 (11:44)

After long period of time I finally decided to write about warsow on one of the most visited webs in Czech Republic. Now it’s about you and about time if it will succeed.
How can you help?
Click here!
Because the more clicks the blog has the more people will be able to see it.

Please tell this to everyone, I mean – if I will be able to get new people, it will also start increasing the community, because more people playing = more newbies.

Sorry for copying this post.. I don’t really see any reason to write it again and again alternatively…Thx


  1. ETR:

    I can’t read czech ^^ GJ tho, looks nice. These links in the middle of the article tho, are they magazines which reviewed Warsow or smt?

  2. T-B0N3:

    yey. its already in the hodnocene clanky list.

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