Old Dutch Oliebollen

by marrk @ 02.01.07 (3:43)

So… It’s tradition in Holland to eat oliebollen at NYE. Since I had a NYE-party at my place i decided to make some oliebollen…
First comes the dough that’s needed… apparently it kinda gets more… volumy. Hence a friggin mess in my kitchen :(.
Subpart one
Then comes the part where you actually fry the dough in ¿sun flower oil? Well, another part where mess is created.
Subpart two.
Since i was well wasted I didn’t care about the mess it gave. Today… hungover and sobering up, i wanted to break my face for ever having the idea of oliebollen bakken. So next year, i’m just getting them premade and all…

I’ll still give you the recipe for it:

1 kg of flour
1 liter of lukewarm (wat is de vertaling voor lauw man?) milk
15 grams of yeast (gist?)
pinch of salt
80 grams of butter

1) mix the yeast and the milk
2) mix the butter and the flour. While mixing it, slowly add the milk until the dough is erm… smooth?
3) let the dough sit for like half an hour
4) warm up a pan of oil, check with a piece of bread wether the temperature is good. The crust of the bread should make bubbles come up from the oil where you put the bread in. If the bread gets dark, it’s too hot. If the oil doesn’t do anything, it’s too cold.
5) roll balls of the dough and throw them in the oil. Wait till it gets nice and brown and eat that stuff. Serve it with powdered sugar.


  1. zkyp:


    atleast you had fun 😛

  2. ETR:

    I had a mate who brought some oliebollen with him, was excellent, I’m still breakfasting of them ;D

  3. marrk:

    vegetable oil…

  4. kalorie:

    Poor marrk :(((

  5. Greyh0und:

    “5) roll balls of the dough and throw them in the oil. Wait till it gets nice and brown and eat that stuff.”

    ah, you’re supposed to ROLL them. one of my sisters also made oliebollen but the made the dough (babelfish translates “deeg” to “paste” which doesnt make sense) not stiff enough, so she tryed to make them round by using 2 spoons. it was really funny to watch her doing that >:)

    here is a link of oliebollen with sugar for people who wanna see a pic:


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