Not nationcup, warsow!

by zkyp @ 15.04.07 (18:45)

(19:42:18) —› join: (UKESN|K0Li0) (
(19:42:30) (UKESN|K0Li0) lets go ?
(19:42:33) (UKESN|K0Li0) TDM 4o4 now
(19:42:58) (@tomzissou) im here
(19:43:03) (@tomzissou) wheres etter
(19:43:09) (@tomzissou) zkipofzsu
(19:43:27) (UKESN|K0Li0) well tom
(19:43:29) (UKESN|K0Li0) not nationscup
(19:43:31) (UKESN|K0Li0) Warsow 🙂


  1. eml:

    Wtf? :

  2. zkyp:

    And this is the whole log.
    Who can tell me what this guy means? :E

  3. kolio:

    hahaahaha 😆

    one minute before, tom had asked for on some q3 cpm channel for a nations cup TDM 4o4 practice

  4. zkyp:

    thankgod your english is so good, NOW I UNDERSTAND!!11

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