New Lovesow!

by ETR @ 15.12.06 (12:38)

Yo lovesowians! After a couple of days of iloblog, an increasing amount of users contributing, the shortcomings of the blog became obvious, especially the ability to only show the 3 latest posts was hurting :P.

I’ve upgraded to wordpress, a very extensive and commonly used blog soft. Everyone can now register themselves (no need for emailing or pming ETR :P). As you’ve noticed not all the content of the old lovesow has been transfered (lost all the comments too). I’m asking you to live with it! MUahaeehahhaehae. And I’ll probably be messing around a bit some more with the blog in the next couple of days.




  1. ETR:

    This is a comment =)

  2. K3RmiT:

    and this another one 😉
    great idea with this blog, gogogo…

  3. dezej:

    in the streets of the city

  4. T-B0N3:


  5. kalorie:


  6. soLomonk:

    \\’ /-\ |2 (§) {} \\’ FTW §§!§!§!§§§!

  7. zkyp:

    fkn germs

  8. tide:


  9. hangy:
  10. jo:

    i had to post

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