My first driving lesson

by T-B0N3 @ 29.12.06 (14:22)

Today was my first driving lesson. To fully prepare myself for this i have spended the entire morning playing warsow race mode just to get used to the speed.

So there i was in this car with the teacher next to me.
Teacher: “how do u start going forward?”
T-B0N3: “with dash ofcourse”
Hahahah. I was totally prepared for driving this car, this question was way to easy.
Unfortunatly the teacher gives me a really weird look. Quickly i think, what could i have answered wrong? Ah ofcourse, hes a cpma player
T-B0N3: “sorry sir, of course you start every run with a strafe jump”
Again he looks weird at me.. im starting to panic … WTF can it be..
than the right answer comes to me. Hes an UT noob. So quickly i answer
T-B0N3: “by pressing forward?”
Teacher: “yes, thats right”
Alright i was back again, i already knew the binds so it was gonna be easy. Altough i find it ridiculous that forward is binded to my right foot. Im totally used to wasd to this is hard.. also i never ever had to use my feet for binds, so i think there will be a patch soon for that car.

Next i had to circle around obstacles, easy since i had practiced that alot in the morning.. i can really get 700 ups with a couple of turns. But i was totally stunned the car went slower in the turns.. wtf u know. So i ask him
T-B0N3: “why is the car slowing down in the turns?”
Again he gives me this really weird look and i begin to wander if he has some mental problems.
Teacher: “have you ever driven before?”
T-B0N3: “yes, a bit, but i was always better in aiming than in driving u know”
Really wtf is up with him and his weird faces..
the only conclusion is that the guy is a console NOOB who is used to auto aim. And that guy is supposed to teach me how to drive?

Last part we went to a bigger road. I got permission to press forward really hard. Till my speed meter said 120. wich is totally ridiculous since im used to walk with 320 ups so 120 is very very slow.
I figured this was the time to show my skillz and i start bunnyhopping very fast.. whitch was quite easy since there were 2 lanes. My teacher wents totally crazy and steered to the side of the road. After that he let the police escort me hom and he told me he was never gonna teach me again.

Hah. I dont care he was a noob anyway. So i hope that for my next driving lesson i will be able to find a reall pro teacher, maybe vo0 wants to teach me how to drive?


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