Most Famous Realz0rs

by raelz @ 08.04.07 (21:31)

Sice realz is a very popular way how to annoy me, I’ve decided to do a list of TOP5 most annoying realzors.

Starting at number five, there they are:
5.gloo – Very active, always wrote “realz” instead of raelz in quote windows
4.micros – as he said, he is “used to write it in all my posts”
3.zevon – not very active, but he used “realz” in the report of the cup at
2.tdm – probably the most active, but not as annoying as:
1.goochie – His first realz msg was “i want to see highskilled realz in 0.3”. I am sure that without him, there wouldnt be like 40 ppl in warsow that are using realz isntead of raelz. Few more quotes from him.
“Realz is a cheater. Hi Realz. Realz.”
He uses realz even in links – “”
Or at irc:
[17:11] {goochie} REALZ
[17:49] {g00chie} omg it’s REALZ
[17:50] {g00chie} REALZ

Special award for Solomonk, didn’t every think that HE would use it =)


  1. V-DecK:

    Hi realz

  2. raelz:

    i bet with myself, that first comment will be exactly like that =)

  3. V-DecK:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist :

  4. eml:

    I wrote your name correctly on bolted tho 🙂

  5. raelz:

    «01:39:02» {mikey[bms]} realzed
    «01:39:03» {mikey[bms]} !!!!!
    «01:39:07» {mikey[bms]} word of the year!

    here we go =)

  6. evani:

    is it real(z) ? 🙂 hey man, i’ve never spelled your name bad! once i was writing on IRC and i typed rea and i deleted it and wrote raelz 😀

  7. ETR:


    h10 :<

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