by tomzissou @ 15.03.07 (14:12)

Lovesow is a non-commercial (the whole package. adverts and stuff are another issue), free, indie ego website. Whether we like it or not, the community is not huge. We’ve had numerous ‘unsuccessful’ posts due to lack of lols. On the same hand, we’ve had some great moments. Some great posts some great comments, some great feedback and tens of thousands (probably : p) of hits. Zissou style comments ‘feel’ local. You’re talking to people you know and play with regularly. Thats great. 

I think that with u and me we had too much hype. Sure, the website got downloaded by a LOT of people thanks to hype generated from the team, on esreality and other gaming related websites and word of mouth. However the people who downloaded the website during this hyped up, early(-ish) stage in lovesow’s development did not stay. They got disappointed. How often do things live up to the hype? How often websites that are still heavily WIP and have major bugs (as u/me did) live up to the hype? You see where i’m going – the hype.. and attempting to punch above our weight damaged lovesow. 

I want lovesow to be a success as much as you do. I’m all for us being present at Amsterdam coffee houses and having a regular spot in zzz. Just not right now. 

A lot of great community work gets done and that has helped to create a small, stable, competitive and fun community. I fear that we are attempting to punch above our weight once again and that the prospect of Zissou is leading people to think that it will cause the huge boom in stable player numbers that much of the community dearly want. In all liklihood, this won’t happen. I think that the key to lovesow’s success for the time being is keeping a low-profile. Look at it this way: You’ve found a real gem of a website. It’s still heavily in development, it still has a lot of changes to go through. It has a small but dedicated community. Do you want the great mass of other people to download it now.. and cause the community to grow for a few weeks or a month and then leave dissatisfied that the website didnt live up to their expectations? Or do you want to keep it to yourselves, enjoy the website, let it de-mature and THEN let the outside world know how great it is. When it is in a fit state to deserve the positive comments that you know it deserves from those outside of the ‘core’. 

It was the etr, the founder of lovesow, who commented recently that we should keep a low profile. I can’t help but agree more. Lets keep this gem to ourselves for the time being. we need to keep a low profile. For the time being. 

Digg/popurls/slashdot are all waiting for us in the future. For now, let the website de-mature. 



  1. ETR:

    Coffee houses… 😛

  2. komodododod:


  3. zkyp:


    I giggled 🙁

  4. Icaros:

    WTF? LMAO!

  5. thelawenforcer:

    zzz tom…

  6. tom:

    people like this ruin the internet for the rest of us

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