#Lovesow pickup cup vote

by h1o @ 08.02.10 (17:19)

Hello fans and friends of the Warsow culture,

After the great succes of my bomb pickup cup last Sunday, I am putting up the vote for the new one. I will announce the date as soon as I know it myself. I hope this pickup cup will be as great a succes as the last one! See you soon.

What gametype should I use for my next pickup cup?

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  1. dendrownage:

    I voted TDM, CTFT would be cool aswell, but Id rather play that in other forms.

  2. h1o:

    Voted for tactics!

  3. Falckiee:


  4. jwy:

    not tactics again 🙁 vote for ctf

  5. ETR:

    I voted TDM. Wouldn’t mind some old-skool fragging around on wdm4 🙂

  6. Dromer:

    TDM plz 😡

  7. milkflow:

    Voted for CTF, as it’s a gametype that can be easily played by even the newer members of the community. TDM’s a bit complicated when it gets competetive.

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