Lovesow Mobile!

by ETR @ 23.05.08 (15:14)

Yeahh, taking Warsow community blogging to the next level! just got Web3.0-ized!

After getting my 24/7 internet connection on my sweet HTC S710 (which supports push email, multiple accounts, windows live services integrated), and discovering the amazing world of mobile websites, I figured lovesow couldn’t stay behind! Having the frontpage weighing in at a fat ~100/200kb, my phone was struggling with opening it.

Enter WordPress Mobile! A very easy to use plugin, mobilizing your wordpress blog! After toying around with the css, check out the result:

Lovesow Mobile!

Post on! 😛


  1. Tenzer:

    When browsing, isn’t the links to the posts supposed to have "?mobi" suffixed? Otherwise it seems a bit useless, if you have to modify the URL of all pages you visit.

    I haven’t tried to surf the page by using a mobile phone, so I don’t know if it does that automatically when it registers it’s a mobile phone which is used for browsing.

  2. ETR@Phone:

    It automatically detects when you’re on a phone, and gives a link to the ‘original version’ too. no adding anything to the url.

  3. Zkyp@foon:


  4. ZeriouS:

    Hey, that’s a cool thing, what a pity that my mobile device is that old, I cannot run wordpress mobile ;| … despite the fact that I don’t have mobile internet access =D

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