Lovesow dev update!

by ETR @ 25.05.08 (13:53)

Trying to support this page a bit, I added the option to add Polls! Means if you need the opinion of Warsowians on maplists, gametypes for competitions or other Warsow-related stuff, make a poll! Embed polls in your post by creating them in the admin panel and typing the poll id in your posts to display it. The latest poll will also be displayed in the sidebar!

Next to that, I have added a new category, called ‘Spam‘. If you need to promote your competition, your website, your map in the making, or anything else; make a Spam post!


  1. fukyu:

    hai etr ik will like to vertel you fuk yuu

  2. pbx:


  3. ZeriouS:

    keep it on =)

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