Love warsow? Love LockdoG ?

by pbx @ 21.12.06 (10:42)

Being up for 40 hours+ (playing poker went from 150 -> 30 🙁 -> 200 🙂 in one night) makes you kinda feel strange. So i decided to post on to get the love out that has been building up inside for me a while. So in no particular order here are the people from warsow community that i


  1. law:


  2. tide:

    was he drunk?

  3. LockdoG:

    from warsow community that i [love]: LockdoG
    maybe demu :oF

  4. ETR:

    Haha, 40+ hours is sick, I don’t blame you for not finishing this post :P. I just hope you didn’t go out in front of the pc typing it. Last sunday I had to pull through a night working on a paper I had to turn in monday afternoon, it was not the best experience ever :P. I don’t want to imagine 40 hours :>

  5. T-B0N3:

    hmm i think 30 hours gaming is the most for me 🙁

  6. tide:

    i played 36h wow :]

  7. law:

    tide, that is sick…..fukin addict, my bro played all night last nite, and all day today, i mean WTF

  8. Petrolic:

    love lockdog !

  9. pbx:

    36h wow ? tide i have now BANNED you from warsow community for being a freaky WoW player :/

  10. faker=):

    hate 🙂

  11. Warsow-Arena:

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