Love sow?

by community-fool @ 18.12.06 (19:28)
Love Sow

Sounds sorta kinky. I bet pigs all around europe are trembling with fear that ETR might be near.

Fragfest 4v4 is nice and refreshing. For the first warsow TDM tourney, its been going quite well. Very high-skilled action. In the future it’d be cool to have the occasional 4v4 one-day cup. Cuts out a lot of CB crap of server searching, worrying about the opponent having 4 and waiting weeks in between games.

Did anyone see the tutorial videos that Science and Industry has upped?

Really nice. Warsow could really do with the same. Nice way to demonstrate the gameplay mechanics.

We should have weekly amphi cup’s. What a great way to relax ingame. I think that too many people get uptight when playing intense warsow duels, amphi is a nice way to chill out.

What about having an all-star 4v4 once fragfest is concluded? Directly following the final or something. Have a nice night of warsow exposure on live streams. Could organise a CTF all-star 5v5 followed by a TDM all-star 4v4 followed by a showcase duel on each map.

What about having some individual community awards for people to vote on? Biggest contributors to the community, best aim, best movement, best attitude, favourite llama?

If a game that appeals to the [hardcore of the] hardcore community is to gain players from outside this subset it needs a very friendly + helpful community. Resources need to be there so that players can pick up the game easier, regular tournaments need to be there so that they can guage their progress and there needs to be evidence of a real community spirit. I see too many people who get uptight with the game, aren’t willing to give new players the time of day and the lack of a unified community.

Although things look quite good for the future. Warsow has a wiki that will only grow, bamboocha has been running very well for a long time now, tide+hoshi will probably organise some more team-based tourneys, is looking sweet [wish I could remember my u/p or post anon!] and currently the community numbers seem quite stable.

Oh, and don’t forget lovesow!



  1. law:

    lock for favourite llama!!!

    i agree, but the bigger tha community gets, and it *is* growing, the more and more anonymous it becomes. the feeling that i get now is that we are a big family, with lots of joking around, but we all know who eachother is,

  2. law:

    as there are more people, i think it will change drasticly, and the smiley faced community we become more underground. im may too tired to b typing this garbage..

  3. ETR:

    Well, to me the same happened when 0.1 released, the community multiplied bigtime (before anywhere around 50-70 active players), and I kinda lost oversight, but I still recognize the pre-0.1 players, it will stay the same no matter how big the community gets, you will know who’s who to a certain extent. Which is why forums, sites like warsownews and lovesow are usefull, they kind of organize the active people in a community =).

  4. lokirulez:

    I’ll always know my hoomieZ.

  5. Navane:

    There is this game netstorm ( wich is a nifty rts abandoned by the official developer and maintained by its own fanbase. Very communistic indeed. The community is very small but strong, too. It’s hard to fit in. You ‘oldscoolers’ of warsow do it better; i was new but felt welcome immidiatly on the forums, in irc and in pickups. I think small community feels nice and friendly, but watch out for ‘incrowd’

  6. ETR:

    Yeah I’m not talking about some elitist part of the community, it’s just that with a bigger community it won’t necesarily gets worse organized. The thing is, it will mostly be the “oldskool” players who are the ones who want to welcome new players to the community and help them out.

  7. Bas1c:

    5on5 allstar sounds like so vs on ;S

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