Love – not hate

by lokirulez @ 12.12.06 (18:37)

This site is only a few days old and zkyp already destroyed the love side of it. 🙁

Sure, we all have our dark sides and zkyp has def more dark than light but don’t take him seriously.

So LOVE is our topic and because I LOVE War§ow I will do some indeep work on next days. What I got on my “love-to-do-someday-list”:
– pre 0.3 interview with nip and etr
– coverage of cb tdm cup with PREdictions and comments by players and admins
– overview page for bamboocha for freshies
– recycle some q2 dueller strats

More to come. If anyone is interested in picking a item: LOVE me in #lovesow.

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