lokirulez is da man

by lokirulez @ 11.12.06 (16:55)

[16:31] i assume soh-lokirul-off is a lazy mawfaw

Aye. That’s why I didn’t get out off bet until 3pm today and watched half of a simpsons season.

Then I uploaded bamboocha demos and wrote some review about it. You will love it. Later I’m gonna make some chinese food and go to handball in uni later.

But in the meantime I have to expose ETR’s evil plans for overtaking upcoming german War§ow lan party with his dutchie friends. ettor, dezjeette and mark of take that will attend lan in january. You know what? Most of german War§ow players are under 18 and can’t go to lan. Fuck german laws! So it will be just the elite of warsow, the core to be honest. Lazy bums talking nonsense in irc and listen to dj shadow (except dezje who has no taste in music and ettor who has no good taste in music because he dislikes queens of the stone age and think it’s emo. zomg emo!).

That’s all for today.

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