Let’s bash those Germans

by zkyp @ 10.12.06 (15:28)

It’s true.

There’s actually going to be a LAN where warsow is going to be “played”.

The big down-side is that it takes place in Germany. God, who doesn’t hate the germans? Well I certainly do.

So yeah, back to the subject. This LAN is going to take place in a small place called Stadthagen, which is near Hannover, which is in Germany, which lies in Europe (For the yanks reading this.).

I have been told that I’m driving there, from holland with 2 of my team members from Team Zissou, ETR/dezje and some random called marrk from this newbie clan called so.

There’s going to be a warsow cup with everyone’s favourite gametype, duel. It will be fun to show off this game to the immature CS community which I have no doubt it will be there.

Don’t be a stranger and come as well!

For more information, check out this german webpage (german is the new international internet language, because everyone speaks and reads german).

Zissou will also be holding the “Who can diss Lockdog best irl” competition with a jonko as first prize.

Be sure to come!

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