Late night action in #warsow

by V-DecK @ 08.04.07 (21:21)

(T0mix) ?mypenis
(T0mix) ^^sorry wrong channel πŸ˜€
(vdeck) LOL
(vdeck) nice one
(Logitech|BRUNS) lmao
(Logitech|BRUNS) class
(Andreax) rofl
(Logitech|BRUNS) i love that bot that does that
(vdeck) hes on some smutty chans
(Logitech|BRUNS) hours of fun
(Logitech|BRUNS) #smut
(vdeck) im quoting this πŸ˜›
(Logitech|BRUNS) *im part of a quote*


  1. pbx:

  2. V-DecK:

    i love you too

  3. Icaros:

    well not adverb but in #team-gr8 we have a bot that does

    play casino and much more! i am a geek to admit it but one night snp me and sandman had like 1-2 hours fun untill 03.00 with that thing πŸ™

  4. loxer:

    lol, this bot is in my channel (#loxer) and tomix always wanna know how short his penis is :mrgreen:

    the bot just speaks german, but realz also understand the most so everybody is invited to join me in my channel and have fun with the bot (CircusRoncali)

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