by ETR @ 25.03.07 (12:29)


  1. tom:

    getting bored of etr posting pictures of himself on this website

  2. stbz:

    random, very random.

  3. ETR:

    combination of slk skull with warsow compil winter 2k7 (slk is ahead of times 😉 ).

  4. zkyp:

    ki co u

  5. solomonk:

    More slk’s skulls !§!§!!!§§ :þ

  6. solomonk:

    grrr img tags don’t work ?
    NVM let’s make a [url=]link[/url] :þ

  7. solomonk:


  8. ETR:

    I fixed it in the first, stupid wordpress dun support bb code :p

  9. nealz:

    Looks a bit like that Blender-Ape-Skull

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