Keep it up :)

by ETR @ 20.12.06 (19:13)

vr4m commented this in the warsow forums:

@ THE LOVESOW GUYS !!! hey dudes u realy did a great job i never realy saw someone flaming around anymore!!!and i learn either i hadn’t have to flame anymore beacause every one was spreading love !!! JUst look at the posts the most of them are friendly and full of love smile !!! I think that lovesow i a very good concept or project (what ever it is)


Hehe, great post ^^ keep up the good work 😛


  1. ETR:

    <3 vr4m 😀

  2. community-fool:

    i’m still in favour of renaming a warsow bot after him. ideally it’d spam insults whenever it gets hit. similarily, lockdogbot would discon when the game is getting away from him. goochie also should be made into a bot – having your gf throw your computer out of 3rd floor window deserves legendary status.

  3. Koekie:

    He’s back (:

  4. r0q:

    hmm thats not love “community-fool” wash your mouth and try again! 😉

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