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  1. V!ct!M:

    Why shitty mobo and not Scythe Infinity/Ninja?:|

  2. Cervix:

    Intel?! 😐

  3. kalorie:

    Well I had a budget of like ~850€€ so I decided to take that mobo, which seems to fit my wishes. Some friend recommended that cooler, he said it just kicks ass and aint too loud :P. Intel>AMD (even though I’m a AMD-Fan :/).

  4. Sorbet:

    V!ct!M: Scythe Infinity/Ninja will not fit that case. Not a bad rig kal 🙂

  5. guy:

    “cervix… “Intel?!” ”

    intel own AMD. look at the benchmarks a intel E6750 will get compared to any AMD cpu.

    as i said.. intel own AMD.

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