kalorie loves cats!

by micros @ 27.12.06 (22:08)

(kalorie) cats are hornyl
(kalorie) I visited my uncle today
(kalorie) They got one … a big black cat
(kalorie) She puked on a bed …
(kalorie) And she’s fad
(kalorie) but she jumps around 10 meters high
(kalorie) imba



  1. kalorie:

    2 Things:
    1.) Your english is not very impressive. 🙂
    2.) http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=-708218345413567790 Not sure, whether I like them THAT much… :)²

  2. law:

    kalorie; lovesow superstar

  3. kalorie:

    law; kalorie’s 1st LUV

  4. T-B0N3:

    cats are to ego

    so i like dogs more

  5. hoshi:

    dogs are emo

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