An extract from idle conversation between warsow characters…

by sjn|Azrael @ 23.05.07 (20:56)

Monada: So then, I jumped off the wall and into his face!
Silverclaw: Heh, that’s nothing. You should’ve seen my midair skillz last night!
Monada: Oh, hey, Viciious. Didn’t see ya there.
Silverclaw: Me either. Hey, what’s that blue shiny thing you’ve got there?
Viciious: Oh, this? It’s just the new gunblade. I picked it up this morning at that little respawn point in town.
Monada: Nice :D. What does it fire?
Viciious: Uh… it doesn’t fire, per se. It actually spabs!
Silverclaw: What the f*cking hell is a spab?
Viciious: It’s, kinda, a cross between spin and stab. I made it up myself! =)
Monada: That’s the 3rd most stupid thing I’ve ever heard you say, Viciious.
Silverclaw: On my tally, it’s 4th. 3rd is when he tried to use the word ‘spork’ as a verb.
Monada: Good point. Right you are, sporking beats spabbing on the stupidity scale, hands down. So then, let’s see it spab, Viciious!

Viciious pulls the plastic trigger – the one he etched the phrase ‘PULL TO SPAB’ onto.

Monada: What the f*ck!? Is it me, or did a merry-go-round toy with metal blades just pop out of your gunblade and spin around!?
Viciious: I know! Isn’t it cool? I put on the merry-go-round myself!
Silverclaw: That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Do it again!

Viciious and Silverclaw are enthralled with his new 2-in-1 merry-go-round toy and death-bringing-implement.

Monada: Idiots.



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