Guwashi showcases Warsow Skills!

by ETR @ 09.02.07 (17:13)

Heh, I remember the demopack I downloaded of the Japanese BigLAN #5, the first official LAN to feature War§ow with cashprizes, held in Japan, November 3rd to 5th, 2006. It was the first time the Japanese War§ow scene got in the spotlight, but since, alot has happened! The stability of the community has been proven, with more (online) competitions throughout, the joining of Guwashi to the War§ow Devteam, the occaissional popping up of Japan War§ow Starz fumio and bluespear on the warsow IRC channel.

Now Guwashi shows the development of the game in Japan, and especially the development of skillz, in his latest video “ESW 2007 Season 1 #1 Warsow Frag Movie“. Check it out! Or download it at the Esports Gamers website, the host of the competition this movie has taken it’s frags from!

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  1. AgamemnonZ:

    Nice to see some Warsow action in the far east!

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