German School suxx0rs

by LockdoG @ 02.05.07 (7:43)

Hi there,

it’s probably my first post for this community thing, but now im sitting in front of a school pc and im so bored. Nothing to do, nothing to listen. So guys out there, if you read this, you’re gay. =o

When i come back in some hours, I want a to play zkyp or dezej, maybe ETRette


  1. Llama:

    So are you =0 J/K…

  2. LockdoG:

    ye 😮

    still idling and feeling bored

  3. tide:


  4. Cervix:

    vacation here :mrgreen:

  5. xejo:

    man, i understand you. i’m now in exactly same situation and i’m in the school for almost 9 hours (7:15 we begun), but just 10 minutes and i’m going home 😐

  6. eml:

    Get a shell, pick up coding -> code in school O//

  7. Warsow:

    Ya, german school is boring.

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