ETRPC II Ordered ;D

by ETR @ 13.05.07 (16:37)


Total: €645,18



  1. kalorie:


    gg nice pc

  2. Cervix:

    price per product or smth 😀

  3. Cervix:

    you’re buying windows vista 😯

  4. ETR:

    Yeah :/ Just to be prepared for the future… Can’t get it as cheap later on, and with directx10 etc, it might be safe to invest in it now :).

  5. tide:

    zomg vista … and then home basic …

    os x > linux > windows

    but for gaming windows > linux > os x

    depends on what you need it for… 🙂

  6. zkyp:


  7. mikey:


  8. ETR:

    depends on what you need it for!

    Naah, I know windows vista sucks, but give it some months and I’m sure it’s the only MS OS to go for… Like with winXP eventually happened. Getting a haxxed version is getting harder and harder (and in the future will surely be even harder with new updates and SP’s and what not), so I ordered a OEM vista, cause I won’t be able to get it for 75euros later on.

    Anyway, let’s hope this PC will be able to run wsw in 1024*768 ; ) (Imagine with 32bit color!)!!!

  9. Cervix:

    i’ll smack myself if that monster won’t run wsw on 1024*768…. twice 😡
    (tho, wsw doesn’t have vista support ay? i’m not smacking myself if it doesn’t run at all 🙄 )

  10. fuyyz:

    well err….
    Vista and only 1GB RAM?
    invest another 50€ !!!

  11. ETR:

    Yeah eventually, I have to eat this month tho ;P

  12. eml:

    ATI sucks
    Vista sucks
    Rest is

  13. eml:

    Apparently you can’t make hearts in here 🙁

  14. ETR:


    That’s where bolted and lovesow differ!

  15. beastrn:

    yeah ATI + vista FTL

    vista won’t take off for at least a few more development cycles, and even then…

  16. KuhJoe:

    ah i see you wanted to get it cheap 😛
    best deal is the x1950 worst must be the x2 then! 😛

    and fuyyz is very smart listen to him :0

  17. eml:

    Dunno why linux would be better for gaming, tide, as there’s eg. warcraft 3 available on that platform.

    Anyways, remember that it took about two years for XP to get de facto, and still win2k is more common than XP on the business market. Anyways, I run warsow 1280×1024 on a much less pimped out computer, and it works fine! I’ve fps capped at 150 though.

  18. KuhJoe:

    yeah, warsow will fly on ETRPC zwei.

  19. xniffing:

    😈 VISTA??? 😈 DRM! 👿

  20. flip:

    launch of vista = perfect time to switch to *nix

  21. nlz:

    Hmm, why buying software?

  22. Wildkater:

    Its ok for this price. Hf with your new pc. 🙄

  23. goochie:


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