Empty :(

by goochie @ 19.09.07 (0:56)



  1. ETR:

    jonkoman : d

  2. Cervix:

    🙁 use tabacco not cigaret filling :s

  3. ETR:

    omg cervix you’re too young to say such wisdoms

    But yeah I totally agree, Drum geel ftw ^^

  4. Cervix:

    ^^ i’m not too young anymore imo

  5. T-B0N3:

    @gooch: ow noes
    @cervix: u are to young 🙂 kids of your age should stick with joints.

  6. Cervix:

    exactly 😛

  7. KuhJoe:

    this situation just looks bad. you could still reuse whats to be found in your neighbors ashtray, right? 😮
    how bout stop smoking crap? 😉

  8. goochie:

    I don’t believe my neighbors smoke the same shit 🙂

  9. Cervix:

    if you smoke crap you should look for some alternative cause i think crap isn’t so healthy to smoke, try Bubblegum weed, its a bit expensive but it’s worth it 😉 8 euro p gram

  10. goochie:

    here it’s 10 euro 🙁

  11. Cervix:

    dutchies ftw 😀

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