Dutch ESWC Weekend photoreport

by ETR @ 23.05.07 (20:57)

As some of you might know, last weekend, War§ow team’s marrk, hangy and ETR went to the Dutch ESWC Qualifier’s at WZZRD Gamecafé in enschede. Being invited by Qpad‘s Tazz, we had the oppurtunity to show the ESWC visitors and attendants Warsow, on a Qpad PC, customized by Qpad|Snakez. It was a great day, where we spoke to alot of people, and were able to do a bit of promotion for Warsow. We met up with the Qpad guys, snakez, Tazz and Vlad. here follows an outtake of Tazz’ gallery.

The Qpad Computer, (modded by snakez), which ran Warsow all day 🙂

ETR Playing some Warsow, with tazz, hangy, and a Fnatic.CS:Source player watching.

Snakez, Vlad, marrk, ETR and hangy

hangy helping Tazz getting his settings right 😉

Tazz playing, ETR spectating

Snakez, Vlad, ETR, marrk & hangy

hangy, mTw|Forever, Gamenations|Jamin & ETR on Qpad PC

Qpad|Vlad behind the Qpad BBQ (Free hamburgers!)

The free hamburgers were popular too! 🙂

Qpad BBQ at night

hangy, marrk, Tazz & ETR posing before the Dutchies and the German head home =)

Thanks Qpad for this oppurtunity, and great day! Till next time :mrgreen:


  1. triple:

    poor hangy, in between all this netherlandies =D

  2. kalorie:

    marrk’s looking cool as always, so do the others :).

  3. marrk:

    trying hard as always…

  4. solomonk:

    great pics and GG dudes =)

  5. Whitey:

    Nice guys, looks great :mrgreen:

  6. Kurim:

    Nice pics dudes 🙂

  7. Warsow-Arena:

    Thanks for the pictures. marrk ftw :p

  8. Crossfire-LAN mit Warsow-Duell-Turnier » hangy.de‽:

    […] Die bekannte Gaming-Community Crossfire veranstaltet im Rahmen der Crossfire Devotii Challenge 3 ein Warsow 1on1-Turnier, welches von QPAD unterstützt und mit Geldpreisen gesponsert wird! QCUP, so der offizielle Name des Warsow-Turniers, zeigt einmal mehr, wie nahe QPAD ihren Kunden, der Spielergemeinschaft steht, und ist eine konsequente Fortsetzung des diesjährigen niederländischen ESWC-Qualifiers, bei welchem ETR, marrk und ich Warsow auf dem getunten QPAD-Rechner vorstellen durften. […]

  9. romehotels:

    A SUPPORTED BY THE DEVELOPER TOOLS? It was interesting. You seem very knowledgeable in ypour field.

  10. BFGAME:

    ??????? ????????)

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