Die Shooter Revolution!

by ETR @ 26.12.06 (15:31)
Who has his copy? 😛
E-Games Warsow Cover
My copies must be underway atm (my banktransfer hasnt reached my paypal yet tho loki :P), anyway, really great article by Rudi, this is so in-depth, it will blow u away! Props to Rudi and E-Games magazine! Support warsow, buy e-games!


  1. lokirulez:

    Lady at post office made me sick with her “do you want a giro as well? do you need some christmas presents? here is a motofuckingrola cell for 5 eur blabla”. No, thanks. I just want these shipped to Amsterdam. Kthxbye.

    FYI: I own two copies of eGames and my parents were somewhat proud (got most candies after christmas dinner).

  2. ETR:

    ETR is proud on you too loki : ))

  3. law:

    gogogo loki…

  4. zkyp:


  5. The Uninvited:

    Got it ! Great article, downloaded 0.21

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