Devteam does, but Bruns doesnt :(

by raelz @ 05.01.07 (23:35)

«23:27:46» {raelz} peace
«23:27:48» {raelz} and love
«23:27:49» {GoT^x1N} and not even a real word
«23:27:50» {raelz} and lovesow
«23:27:51» {GoT^x1N} ….
«23:27:59» {raelz} we love you brother
«23:28:04» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} fucking hate lovesow
«23:28:06» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} i just dont get it
«23:28:10» {GoT^x1N} wtf is lovesow OO
«23:28:16» « nick » {UKESN`on|micros} is now known as {UKESN`off|MICRO}
«23:28:21» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} pile of crap that does nothing for anyone
«23:28:44» {GoT^x1N} to high englisch for me ;S
«23:28:56» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} apart from letting certain warsow’rs post crap other people don’t care about APART FROM the others who enjoy posting crap which gives them another reason to post their own crap
«23:28:58» {+PiC|BRUNS7`} WASTERS
«23:29:00» « nick » {PiC|BRUNS7`} is now known as {PiC|BRUNS`off}


  1. law:

    bruns’s mum doesnt love him, and it makes him sad

  2. whoami:

    Welcome to – “pile of crap that does nothing for anyone”


  3. tanelius:

    i totally agree with bruns :E

  4. tom:

    i dont like scat porn so i dont visit scat porn websites

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