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by DJiTH @ 11.01.07 (21:59)

When I tried to move some e-mails around, my server returned the very unexpected message that the disk was full. I was of course utterly shocked by this, so I went to look for the culprit. The server-side demo recording limit being somewhat broken resulted in about 15GB of demos in my server, eating up all the disk space meant for my e-mails. Yes, 15GB of demos. I decided to move and pack them and guess what? The whole load compressed totals up to about 4GB, which means the whole demo archive will fit into one DVD.

So, if your name is Lockdog and you want to learn how to play this game, you may order a DVD with all demos from my servers for only € 5,-. (Also applicable if your name is AgamemnonZ and you want to learn a game other than eboltsow, so you can win some matches in 0.3 by using brain. Or if your name is different and you want to send me some money to support my servers – you’ll get the DVD for free ;-]). Just contact me!

First post here btw.


  1. pbx:

    my name is pbx and i know how to play this game so i see no need for me to buy yo DVD.

    and thank fuck eb is going to be sorted out in 0.3


  2. T-B0N3:

    15 gb of demos…… i bet u got a lot of demos of me i couldnt download 🙂

  3. ETR:

    nice djith :DD

  4. nealz:

    Very nice! Keep us informed how many customers you’ve got..

  5. law:

    sweet, i request that u put a premium on my demos tho, dnt want every noob to steal my leet tactics….

  6. zkyp:

    First I thought “omg, another djithfuckingidiot-post”. But – I have to admit, this is a funny idea.


  7. r0q:

    mhmm how much demos are useable?! if its only bots playing… how much can you learn beside aim? 😛

  8. DJiTH:

    There are some good ones, like player vs player(2)

  9. ETR:

    My secret alias :X

  10. AgamemnonZ:

    ! thats a bargain, Ill be so leet after watching all these demos!

  11. Antonio:

    Very nice site! Good work.

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